Head over to Hulu NOW to watch episode one of season 2 of It Could Be Worse!

Anonymous said: Actually, there's an interview that Wes and Mitch did for Playbill, if you Google that, they've forgotten to remove the videos of the first 10 episodes from that. So at least that's 2/3 of it.

Here you go anon!

Posted on June 25, 2014  

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Anonymous said: Do you know the password to watch season 1 of It Could Be Worse on Vimeo? Because they're is no other way to find it... And I'm really desperate haha

nope! unfortunately they’ve taken season one offline, most likely until the hulu premier! 

Posted on June 25, 2014  

Broadway-Aimed Nerds Gets NYC Concert with Wesley Taylor, Lauren Molina and More - Playbill.com

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It Could Be Worse is going to have its network premiere on PivotTV at 8pm/11pm et. PLEASE tune in and set your DVR to record.  Let’s support Wes and Mitch!


Wes and Mitch at the premier of 22 Jump Street!

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Performing with the Skivvies last night.

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Wes performing a “Scream and Shout” mashup with the Skivvies!

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Wes in rehearsal for the skivvies tonight!

Let’s hope for lots of pictures!

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Opening of JUST JIM DALE at the Laura Pels. 

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